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toronto real estate news

As I screen through the current news about real estate in Toronto, there is a cluster of similar stories and commentaries :

  • Toronto real estate market is crazy/insane/out of control
  • house prices have doubled/tripled/gone up 50-82% since 20–, see cool graph!
  • nice couple/family finally bought their home (congrats!)  after being in 5/10/19 offers/bidding wars…
  • a Toronto house received 5/10/27 offers, sold $300K over asking!

It’s hard to get shocked anymore, and as a real estate broker, I too, share these stories, stats and graphs on social media. I would like to offer more to the public.

My question to readers: What are you really interested to hear or learn about, what information will help you? now or in the future?  I want to create and share good quality content for home Sellers, Buyers, Realtors, and anyone else interested in real estate, and to provide relevant information that can help with your own real estate plans/situations. Please send me your thoughts/questions: contact us, or tochristineng@gmail.com

If you still enjoy the news articles, here are some from the last few days: 

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Toronto Real Estate Market – it’s crazy, we get it…

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