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If planning to sell your home, the way it is presented can greatly influence the Buyer demand, and in turn, the final sales price. Your home should be showing at it’s absolute best once it’s on the market. Whether your home is dated or renovated, to leave a good impression on potential Buyers, the home should be: decluttered, bright, clean, clean and spotlessly clean!  Even a home that needs upgrading can still impress Buyers if these factors are met.

Some great tips: Preparing your Home for Sale

When I mention it has to be clean – I mean meticulously, detailed, shiny clean, possibly cleaner than real life: Checklist: Prepare Your Home

The next step would be staging the home. Some Staging Tips and Secrets  Discuss with your Realtor if this is necessary, costs involved, who provides the service (see questions below)

Other questions/costs to consider in preparing your home for sale:

  • Should we upgrade the floors/counters/washroom/kitchen..? Or more importantly, how much should we invest in upgrades, if any, and what is the expected return?
  • Should the home be staged? How will it influence the demand and final sale price? What is the expectation of Buyers in this area?
  • How often does the house need to be cleaned while it is on the market?
  • We will have moved out when it goes on the market: should we furnish it or leave it empty/vacant?  
  • It is a rental property, how should we handle the showings with Tenants living there, or should we wait until they move out?

The answers will vary, depending on each property, neighbourhood and sales situation. I’d be happy to discuss these & other questions, specific to your own home situation, please contact or email me: tochristineng@gmail.com

Prepare Your Home : Tips and Checklist

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