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For the past 6 months, we collected & noted the marketing materials of real estate agents in the GTA: from postcards/flyers, park benches, newspaper ads, billboards. After reviewing over 1000 pieces, we have summed the ‘typical’ agent marketing piece in a sample ad below (with our own added commentary):

real estate agent marketing #agentcrash

Dear TOP agents, #1, #2, #3…agents, all real estate agents & brokers!  this type of marketing has to stop!

There is nothing outstanding about this, the public doesn’t care about your awards, the numbers don’t mean anything when there are so many #1-Top agents, there’s no ‘wow’ factor, it’s unoriginal, and importantly, it doesn’t address the WIIFM (What’s in it for Me) question of the reader.

Instead (to the public) it’s a piece of  dated junk mail, all about the agent (look at me!!), loaded with slogans, jargon, and usually a big picture of the agent’s head. Sometimes there are pics of house, we’ll deal with that one another time. If you are spending money to produce marketing, please give it some thought, if you want to stand out as a professional, and be considered to handle a client’s highly important & costly transaction, this is not the way to do it.

Stay tuned for tips on marketing, traditional and digital, for real estate agents, and enjoy the mocks and memes (please don’t take offence, it’s meant in fun).  Need some help?  Marketing for Real Estate Agents

real estate marketing


To all #1 Top Real Estate Agents – please stop this!

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