19 YEARS AGO on this day, I joined a group of ladies on a tour of homes (aka Agents Caravan). Their car was full, but one said “she’s small, we can fit her in” and I rotated between sitting on laps and being squished in the middle. These ladies were award-winning, top Realtors with Royal LePage, and I was new, eager and excited to gain knowledge from them in the hours ahead. The conversation began with their Valentine’s weekend – what they ‘did’ with their partners, in spicy detail (including lingerie descriptions!), and continued with stories of people they knew – ie. who had cosmetic surgery (and who needs it), an affair… I never did learn about houses.  I remember thinking “What did I get myself into?!” I’ll never forget those first hours as a real estate agent.

After receiving my Master’s degree and a real estate licence, I had to make a choice: pursue a Ph.D or a career in real estate. I passed down the opportunity to study with the renowned Howard Garner (Theory of Multiple Intelligences) in the Mind, Brain & Education Program at Harvard University, and chose real estate. From that first day’s experience, I wondered if I made the right choice.

I did survive that first day, the first challenging years, and still going strong! I’m not a Harvard grad, but graduated from the (real estate) school of hard knocks! In this industry you have to be flexible, go with the flow, maintain a sense of humor, to handle all the surprises, ups and downs, and different people/personalities of each day. I just need to get through this year, a crazy one so far, and we’ll celebrate my 20th anniversary next Feb. 16th, 2018!  Cheers! Christine


19 years ago, in Feb 1998:

The average price for a house in Toronto : $216,815 (now over $1M.)

For full reports: Toronto Market Watch February 1998  Detailed Report : Toronto Market February 1998

4,341 sales for February

TORONTO – Tuesday, March 3, 1998 –

      In February, TREB Members reported 4,341 single-family dwelling sales throughout the Greater Toronto Area up 44 per cent from January, although down 16 per cent from February of last year.

Prices crept upwards in February. The average rose 4 per cent to $214,577 from $206,209, and the median rose slightly, up 1 per cent to $184,000 from $182,000.

Active listings rose in February, up 9 per cent to 18,453 from 16,203 in January, in line with last year’s 18,480.

“We are pleased to report increased market activity during the month of February,” commented TREB President Jimmy Lee. “Hopefully this is a sign that we are poised for a good spring market.”

Mr. Lee noted that condominiums continue to present an affordable ownership option with 820 sales of condo apartments averaging $143,510 and 408 sales of condo townhouses averaging $148,309 last month.

TREB’s 4,341 single-family dwelling sales, which were reported throughout the Greater Toronto Area, totalled $931,480,676, and averaged $214,577. The median price was $184,000.

Breaking down the total 1,711 sales were reported in TREB’s 28 West districts and averaged $199,809; 639 sales were reported in the 14 Central districts and averaged $313,516; 772 sales were reported in the 23 North districts and averaged $234,247; and 1,219 sales were reported in TREB’s 21 East districts and averaged $170,986.

In addition to the sales of single-family dwellings, TREB Members reported 855 sales of properties of other types (P.O.T.) during February moving the total to 5,196. The dollar volume for properties of all types (P.A.T.) was $1,158,307,291, and the average price was $222,923.

Also the News in Feb 1998: 

1998 Toronto Real Estate News

19 Years in Real Estate!

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